Helping furry

friends find

forever homes


Who We Are


Funds for Pets is a not-for-profit rescue organization dedicated to helping

animals in need.


Our mission is to assist stray animals by providing temporary housing through our foster program until permanent, loving homes can be found.  


While in our care, all animals receive complete vetting, quality food, and all other necessary support and supplies to become healthy, happy (adoptable) pets.


We are run 100% by volunteers and are solely funded through donations and our fundraising efforts.

Feature Pet


Mary needs an urgent operation - please help.

Mama Mary, who came in months ago with brand new babies (born up north in a cardboard box) is in trouble. She recently began developing a lump on her back that's been growing rapidly.


Her wonderful foster family contacted us immediately and we arranged for vetting to have her examined. After several tests, the clinic found a bullet lodged in her back - Mary had been shot prior to coming into rescue


The reason the lump is only now forming is because her body is rejecting the foreign object, and is trying to purge it (unsuccessfully). We treated her with pain medication and antibiotics while waiting for an orthopedic consultation.

The result: the bullet needs to be removed. Mary is scheduled for her big surgery THIS Thursday (October 21st). It's a complicated and delicate operation due to the proximity to her spine.

How can you help? We are in desperate need of funds toward her upcoming vet bill. The estimate is from $700 - $1100 and we only have a few days to raise the money.

E-transfers can be made to, or payments can be made directly onto our account at Kenaston Veterinary Hospital by calling 204-219-6607. Please make sure you let them know it's for Funds for Pets, and please let us know you made a contribution through the clinic.


Updates to follow.

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Cargo came to us from Nunavut after living his life outside on a chain. He is adapting to indoor life exceptionally well and absolutely adores being around people.

During his time in care with Funds for Pets, he's made friends with people he has met, played with other dogs, and learned how to enjoy toys!