Dogs for Adoption




Bender is confident and energetic, but in short bursts. He is full of life and love and loves playing with others. He's a curious boy and has been around small dogs and cats and has done very well. Bender has a very outgoing personality and loves to meet new people. He loves giving kisses and barking when he's excited. Bender is kenneled at night and while his foster parents are away. He is currently working on house training.




Male - Puppy

Meet Blizzard! He is a 7 month old Terrier cross all the way from Nunavut. He is very energetic and is looking for a family that would like to take him on long walks. He would also love to find people who enjoy play time and/or would love some doggy siblings to roughhouse with! He is kennel trained, and house trained. Up to date on all vaccines, and is neutered. He loves to cuddle and will make a great addition to any household. Blizzard is a barker, and can get quite excited in certain situations. He is learning his manners as he ages but will need a bit of work on using his "inside voice" He also, gets along well with kids, and cats!




Male - Puppy

This is Bowser. A spunky little dude looking for his forever home. He had a rough start but he is now fully vetted and healthy (vaccinated and neutered).

With proper introduction, he very much enjoys the company of bigger dogs. He would be okay with smaller pets with a much more gradual introduction and consistent guidance. He has been known to ”play rough” with small dogs and cats, but he does learn over time. 


He’s a vocal guy who lets you know when he needs to go outside. His husky side shines through when he’s upset about being in his kennel. He does settle after a few minutes though. He’s trained to be kenneled when nobody is home and over night, though he would much prefer to be snuggling up with you in bed. 


Bowser is high energy, loves to play, go for walks and smell new smells. Very snuggly, food driven, smart boy who could be easily trained with the right consistency. He deserves the best home.





Nibbler is such a kind and gentle soul with beautiful markings. He loves to play, but when he has had enough he simply walks away and lays down for a rest. Nibbler likes to be by himself everyone once in awhile. He gets along with anyone (including animals) but can be very shy at first. Nibbler is pretty quiet and loves giving kisses. Nibbler has been around small dogs and cats with no issues. He is kenneled at night and while his foster parents are away. He his currently working on house training!




Male - Puppy

Yoshi was picked on early in life and suffered a large puncture wound to his lower jaw. It's taken weeks to heal, but look at him now! He's as handsome as ever, and ready to start his journey with a new family. Yoshi is approx. 7-8 months old. He is a Boxer/Husky cross, and will be medium size (50-60lbs) once full grown. He is energetic and yet cuddly. He loves to play with people and with other dogs! He gets along well with everyone he meets. He's goofy, personable, sweet, curious, and smart. He loves food and soft blankets. He's up to date on all shots, and is coming along well with his house training.




Female - Puppy

Layla, a gorgeous 7-month-old Retriever cross. She is so sweet and gentle - both with humans and other dogs! She is cuddly, quiet, and exceptionally well behaved. Very smart and very eager to please. She is doing well with her house training and has learned how to sit! She is up to date on all vaccines and is currently awaiting her spay-day. She would make the perfect addition to any home that has lots of love to give).




Male - Adult

Cargo came to us from Nunavut after living his life outside on a chain. He is adapting to indoor life exceptionally well and absolutely adores being around people. He has learned how to play with other dogs, and how to enjoy toys!




Male - Puppy

Baxter is a 7 month old mixed breed puppy. He will be approx. medium sized (50-60 lbs) once full grown.

He is sweet, full of life, inquisitive, snuggly, goofy, and very endearing. He LOVES attention from anyone (and any dog!) he comes across. He also LOVES treats and snack time! He is learning leash manners, kennel training, and house training. He is up to date on all vaccines and will be neutered asap.